How we are bringing change to a 40 year old practice. And Why.

We trace our roots back to 1976, to Blomquist and Wark Architects founded by Graham Wark and Peter Blomquist. 40+ years of continued practice has brought stability, experience and maturity.

However, while we are 40 years old, we want to be 40 years young! No company can stand still and continue to be relevant.

We believe to make that change is not simply about more staff, more clients and bigger projects. It  is growing our approach to business so we are always prepared to face the future. It is creating a culture that encourages and rewards creativity, inventiveness and innovation. It is understanding why we are doing what we do. And then doing it brilliantly.

In 2019 we have been working to better understand the why, what and how of our industry and our practice. There are those that think ideas like clarity, alignment, purpose and values are simply marketing words. But we are determined to use them to make us better. Better as architects and designers. Better as a design practice. Better suited to improve our future.

It turns out that when we looked at past work, it wasn’t the work we were doing that needed to change. It was understanding why we were doing it. We looked at the design, the implementation, the team, the clients, the good and the bad. And running through all the projects of which we are most proud was this idea that innovation makes things better. That to move forward we have to keep thinking of new and better ways to do our work. To not sit still and simply do the same as before. Over all these years we have been helping our clients innovate. Helping them change. We design to facilitate innovation.

  • We helped the University of Melbourne implement learning spaces to support their innovative approach to group work.
  • At Deakin University we helped them create a one-of-a kind sporting facility so they would continue to be world leaders in their speciality.
  • By rethinking and refining the design and procurement processes we helped Murray Goulburn meet their commitment to provide milk to Coles by getting new factories designed in almost impossible timelines.
  • At Monash University we’ve been helping them implement their innovative approach to next generation learning spaces into existing buildings at their Peninsula and Clayton Campuses.
  • We worked with Swinburne University to revitalise their Hawthorn campus by establishing a student hub building to attract new students and make existing students feel at home.
  • We helped Kenworth design and implement an expansion and workflow change to their Bayswater factory so that capacity could be increased without impacting their day to day operations.
  • We designed our new office to support team work and open discussion in the belief that we cannot help our clients realise their innovations without doing it ourselves.

Design that facilitates innovation gives us our direction and focus. We know we can be 100 people weak or 10 people strong – the numbers don’t matter. But what does is passion, courage, a love of design, inventiveness, open-mindedness, determination and direction.

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