Blended Learning Has Not Realized Its Potential

There is much talk about applying lessons learnt during the Covid-19 shutdown to how we play, work and learn.

So why did some schools tell parent they would stop providing remote learning and only provide on site learning when school resumed?

Why, when some children may learn better remotely, is this no longer provided?

Why, when school is preparing our children for a world that is about being flexible, adaptable and will likely include some remote working, do some schools not provide learning environments that reflect that?

Is it because it is considered too difficult? That it will require more resources? That it will cost more? We now know, after months of remote work and learning, technology is not what is stopping it.

If we really did apply the lessons learnt, what could it look like? It’s already being considered around the world.

Concurrent learning
Asynchronous learning

Victoria, the Education State, should be leading the world on this. Are we?