Is your use of Information Technology setting learning free…or holding it hostage?

IT has enabled sharing of information more than ever before. But over the shutdown I’ve been thinking about complex learning spaces sitting empty and wondering if they are actually holding learning hostage – implemented at significant cost to enhance learning, if the facilities can’t be used then the approach has to change. And if it must change, was it right to begin with? Is the design driving learning rather than supporting it?

IT complex rooms designed 10 years ago are quite similar to those now, with better screens and software. Meaningful innovation drives costs down. If costs per student for IT are similar to 10 years ago can we say that this ‘innovation’ in leveraging technology to create collaborative learning spaces to enhance learning has resulted in IT rich, affordable learning spaces?

During the shutdown have you found you cannot teach some subjects because you need particular technology? Or that you don’t miss the classroom because you can do everything online and the classroom has little to offer?

If you do, perhaps the design and IT implementation of your learning spaces are holding learning hostage and you need to rethink their purpose.