Peter Schreuder, Managing Director

Architectural design must be intentional, considered, functional and uplifting.

25 years ago, after learning about the work of Emilio Ambasz in the book ‘The Poetics of the Pragmatic’ I understood what I wanted to do – design that balances creativity with functionality, and I could see that in architecture. I could see how architecture could improve our lives. How our decision to design with both intent and creativity would create a better outcome that could uplift a person’s spirit. Every project is an opportunity to work towards an outcome that will enhance our world and our interaction with it.

Every project is an opportunity to improve on the one before. As architects, I believe we must have courage to express our ideas and a belief that innovation is essential to progress humankind.

My passion is for the design stages of a project where I make use of my creativity, inventiveness and experience to help facilitate a considered design outcome. Stakeholders have different goals and one of the joys of architectural projects is in collaborating with these diverse groups to design a solution that successfully balances the needs of all.

There may be many people that never get to be involved in a building or design project in their lifetime. Who never get the opportunity to be part of a team that creates in order to make our existence in this world more uplifting. They don’t get to watch and be part of design teams working up creative and clever solutions to a problem; builders making ideas real; client’s excitement, passion and frustration – sometimes all at the same time. They don’t get given someone’s idea and be trusted to design what it is that will support that idea and make it flourish.

As Managing Director of DS I am in the most fortunate position to live my dream, so clearly seen 25 years ago. 

David Miller, Architect

My passion for Architecture and design resides in design translation. As projects progress from one phase to another, my focus is to compliment the design process by maintaining the design intent in real terms – such as negotiating compliance issues, build-ability, materiality, technical and engineering considerations. I’m highly motivated in these pragmatic issues, as I believe my role as an Architect is to communicate the best realistic outcomes to the client.

I am a registered Architect and draw on 17 years experience with DS. My experience covers a broad range of projects from Educational Facilities, Laboratories, through to complex technical facilities. In my role, I both contribute and lead during all stages of the project, from the design stage through to construction and project completion, giving the highest consideration to the legibility, accuracy and consistency in Architectural documentation and communication with Building Contractors.

For my keen focus on construction documentation, construction stage services and Building Contract administration I earned  the Architect’s Registration Board of Victoria Professional Practice Award.

Mark Gilling, Architect

With over 35 years as a registered architect involved in a wide range of project types I have gained extensive knowledge and management skills to deliver projects that successfully have meet and exceeded clients expectations from simple to technically challenging and complex projects.

Good architecture involves an integrated coordinated approach through all phases of the project. Correct input from the required disciplines early ensures a successful outcome. Great architecture stands the test of time and my desire is to produce outcomes that are well thought through in detail, materials, are technically sound and functional. All projects are different and unique each requiring their own solutions each requires an innovative approach which makes architecture such an exciting and rewarding profession.

The rapport and trust I have established with the client is a strength which I value. This is highlighted with ongoing relationships with clients – clients such as Kenworth Trucks / PACCAR Aust. that have exclusively dealt with DS Architects (formerly Blomquist & Wark) for all of their major projects since Blomquist & Wark was founded in 1976.

Carlee Smith, Architect, Associate

I’ve always been interested in how our built environment can facilitate actions, behaviours and emotions. Buildings are vessels of activity, shelter, motivation, relaxation, community, reflection and comfort. I’m enthusiastic about helping our clients achieve the most out of their projects.

I have been a part of the DS team for over 6 years and highly value the well rounded experience I have gained. I now sit within the team managing projects and bringing design into reality. I enjoy developing the way we communicate with our clients. If there is clear communication of a design than we can begin to refine and improve outcomes.

At DS I advocate an environmentally positive attitude and am interested in examining sustainability in Architecture. I believe that this should be integrated into our internal processes as well as the way we approach design. Buildings should be designed to acknowledge the raw materials and history of a place and offer the occupants, and it’s community, as much as possible. We should always be aiming to give back more than we take.

Recently I have been involved in the new style of teaching at prominent universities in Melbourne. We are bringing students back into the Universities by providing informal opportunities to study and socialise; and classrooms which encourage collaboration and project based learning. Creating environments which successfully foster these moments is more than a checklist of features and objects. It is about an uplifting space which stimulates activity and persuades interaction

Amelia Warhurst, Graduate Architect, Junior Associate

My experience with DS began as a student, working part time whilst completing my Masters of Architecture degree. Prior to studying architecture, I completed an arts degree that allowed me the flexibility to pursue my interests in literature, history and philosophy whilst also branching out into other disciplines such as music and design. 

I developed an affection for architecture not only as a creative departure from my arts subjects but as an extension of those ideas, explored through the built environment. I value architectural design as a tangible means of discussing and commenting on society, its activities and behaviours. I enjoy the challenge of finding the best spatial intervention for a situation, group or brief and then discerning effective and dynamic ways through which to communicate this.

I have been involved in a variety of projects at DS, contributing to documentation and graphical presentation where needed. The open and collaborative work environment at ds has made it an ideal place to learn and grow where the practise’s commitment to informed and innovative design resonates strongly with my own design ethos

David Cardamone, Architect, Associate

Making a difference is my inspiration for becoming an Architect. I’m passionate about creating architecture that fits with the way we want to live our lives, that creates better outcomes and improved environments for people to live and ultimately add value to our society.

For me, the humble beginnings of every project starts with absolute collaboration. At the core of that is my personal care for my clients, colleagues, industry peers and the impact the profession of architecture can have, the difference we can make.

That difference is underpinned by putting clients first, listening to key stakeholders, understanding their needs while applying lessons learnt from the collective project team. A mindset that together we can find an opportunity to exceed client and project expectations, establish strong relationships with all stakeholders and create an environment where everyone works together to challenge the achievable, to make a difference.

My industry experience throughout work, both locally in Melbourne and internationally in London, everyday life and travel has taught me that we should endeavour to leave our mark on all aspects of what we do. I work towards making a positive and genuine impression on people, leaving organisations in a better place than when I first arrived and finding the opportunity in every project to give something more.

I believe that as designers of our surrounding environment we have a profound responsibility to change the world for the better. By working together, putting people first, the opportunity to change the surface of our planet is only limited by our imagination. It’s a challenge that I don’t take lightly, a privilege, to be able to work in this profession at DS Architects and do what I do.

Manju Bala, Graduate Architect

Normally, for architects there is a great desire to create. Within this realm, I feel it is important to understand the significance and consequences of architecture and the social and political context of the environment we build within. This ideology has shaped my architectural education and continues to be the foundation of my thinking when creating architecture as a professional.

My architectural style is informed by my life experiences and other creative endeavours I have explored that overlap architecture. After graduating, I worked as an apprentice specialising in restoring Japanese antique furniture. The designs are a result of Japanese history, culture, context and their understanding of nature. An artform, I feel closely aligns to architectural principles and philosophies. My architectural interest is in the areas of urban regeneration and transformation, taking participatory urban design initiatives to regenerate neglected spaces, and architectural re-presentation through drawings.

Martina Wylie, Graduate Architect

I believe in having an open mind and cherishing diversity, as I see ideas thrive when discussed within groups of attentive individuals with varied beliefs and backgrounds. I also believe that what forms new ideas into reality is change, and so I see change as a necessary step to learn and evolve. This is the same with design, with initial forms and ideas being malleable iterations, adapting and improving with time where these take shape after thorough research and experimentation by the designer.

Professionally and academically, I have worked with people from diverse cultural backgrounds where my own multicultural upbringing has allowed me to have a deep understanding of intercultural communication of which I value highly. In addition, I have a deep passion for the history of fine art and see the value of incorporating something that evokes emotion into design.

To focus and listen to oneself as well as other individuals, is what creates an optimal yet highly personal outcome.

Louise Shine, Practice Manager

I have over 20 years of credit, finance and administration experience, gained from working in a small law firm and a global corporate oil company. I hold a diploma of Business Management.

I joined the team 3 years ago, managing the accounts, administration and compliance aspects of the business, further extending this to working with the team to build a sustainable office.

I have an enquiring mind and appreciation for the concepts our Team deliver to our clients. I am in awe of our Architect’s ideas and approach and I enjoy seeing a project evolve and come to life.

My focus is on client and business compliance and the administration needs of our business and for our team. I am excited to be part of a dedicated team with collectively 100+ years of architectural experience, whom are passionate about their work and delivering innovative spaces to our clients.