In an environment of high inflation, labour and supply scarcity, infrastructure is being called on to provide greater value for money than ever before. At DS Architects, our project optimisation approach is all about intentional, tried and tested strategies for navigating that reality.

You’ll often hear architectural practices talk about project stages – at DS Architects you’ll hear us talk about people stages.

Our unique project optimisation process brings together the knowledge of our team, consultants, specialists, and you to put the people with the relevant knowledge on your project at the right time.

It is this process that enables the small, but specialised, ds team to leverage their knowledge and deliver projects such as the Exercise and Sports Science Building for the world leader in Sports Science.


At ds, we aren’t driven by our own set of preconceived objectives for your project. Client needs are central. We are committed to balancing the key factors of time, quality and budget to reflect your requirements. We are just as stimulated by developing an inventive design solution as we are an inventive procurement solution, or a way to deliver a project to a compressed time frame.

Integrated expertise

At ds, one of the advantages of our experienced team is the integration of project knowledge. Comprised of experts in design, technical detailing, and risk mitigation, our people problem-solve collaboratively bringing diverse perspectives together to create inventive solutions.

Research-based approach

We gather information from a range of sources to develop fit-for-purpose and future-proofed design solutions. Starting with meaningful stakeholder engagement and thorough site analysis, we also undertake precedence studies, review academic research, review your competitive environment and attend industry conferences so we can bring the latest knowledge and approach to your project


You can expect to deal with the same people throughout the design and delivery process. Our small yet efficient structure maximises job satisfaction, leading to a stable team who you can rely on to be part of your project from beginning to end.

Proven methods of control

We take a strategic approach to planning approvals and documentation, which we deploy as a lever for controlling the program and budget. We have cultivated a great deal of documentation expertise and utilise building information modelling to create 3D building models that integrate all subconsultant inputs.


Being small but expert makes us efficient. We have developed systems and processes for quality assurance that the whole team understands and is committed to constant improvement.

Our project optimisation approach encapsulates our efforts to understand and align with your objectives; developing inventive solutions through the design and delivery process via our pragmatism, integrated expertise, research, stability, control and efficiency; to ultimately provide our clients with buildings and fit-outs that meet the future.

Our history

DS Architects is an established architectural practice, tracing our roots back to Blomquist + Wark Architects founded in 1976. We have operated continuously since then, formally changing our name to DS Architects in 2015.

Initially focusing on government and institutional clients such as The University of Melbourne, the Department of Transport and the Australian Federal Police, DS has evolved to work with an expansive range of clients including universities, schools, institutions, developers, private companies and co-ops. We work with clients that value design and innovation, and understand the value of a design team aligned with their vision.