We bring a listen first and act second approach to every project.


At DS, we aren’t driven by our preconceived objectives for your project. Client needs are central. We are committed to balancing the key factors of time, quality and budget to reflect your requirements. We are just as stimulated by developing an inventive design solution as we are an inventive procurement solution or a way to deliver a project to a compressed time frame.

At DS, one of the advantages of our relatively small team is the integration of project knowledge. We possess a complementary depth of experience spanning diverse sectors and capability across all project phases, providing a valuable resource. As recognised experts in design, technical detailing, and risk mitigation, our team problem solves collaboratively, bringing diverse perspectives together to create inventive solutions.

We gather information from various sources to develop fit-for-purpose and future-proofed design solutions. Starting with meaningful stakeholder engagement and thorough site analysis, we undertake precedent studies, review academic research, analyse the competitive environment and attend industry conferences to ensure that we bring the latest knowledge and approaches to each project.

We understand the importance of consistency of resources for strengthening our client and stakeholder relationships and achieving the best project outcome. We stand by this, resourcing our teams to ensure the same people are present and active throughout the design and delivery process. Our small yet efficient structure maximises job satisfaction, leading to a stable, reliable, committed team.

We take a strategic approach to planning approvals and documentation, which we deploy as a lever for controlling program and budget. We have cultivated much documentation expertise and utilise building information modelling to create 3D building models that integrate all sub consultant inputs. We also utilise detailed documentation as a procurement aid, providing greater price certainty and speed of delivery through an empowered contractor.

Being small but expert makes us efficient. We have developed systems and processes for quality assurance that the whole team understands and are committed to refining and improving. We work smart, applying our broad knowledge and experience to identify potential challenges and adjusting our methodology to alleviate these before they manifest. Our efficiency is derived from our depth of experience, strong technical knowledge and true commitment to providing optimum value to our clients and the community.

Our project optimisation approach is a service framework and a commitment to excellence. It guides the development of inventive solutions through a research-driven cycle of design, technical expertise and risk mitigation to deliver buildings that meet the future.


At DS Architects, we work across diverse sectors with a common theme: complexity. Maximising the potential of each brief is where we thrive.