You understand that innovation is working out a better way to solve your problem. You know that to move forward you need to innovate. So do we.

We believe innovation should be considered in all aspects of a project – design, process, ideas and people. We help realise your ideas by designing to facilitate innovation. But what is design that facilitates innovation? It is designing the receptacle that gives life to your idea;  It is when the built form becomes an integral part of the idea and in doing so inspires and supports innovative processes and ideas;  It is design based on what has come before and realised in a better way.

Over 20 years we have approached projects with this understanding of innovation. We have applied it to teaching spaces and research laboratories; to homes and factories; to community centres and clinics.  We use our imagination, inventiveness and creative skills to produce designs that are unique, considered and the best they can be.

You know the future is full of possibilities and is going to be different to the present. You know that change is all around us. You understand the value of design in helping us meet these changes. So do we.