DS Architects Announces Exciting New Project: Haileybury’s First Vertical Inner-City School in Melbourne

In a remarkable journey since its conversion from an ex-commercial building seven years ago, Haileybury, which was first established in the 1890s and has multiple campuses, founded Melbourne’s first vertical inner-city school, which stands as a resounding success story. DS Architects is thrilled to announce our latest endeavour in partnership with Haileybury. We have been awarded the prestigious project to refurbish the school’s ground floor, breathing new life into this educational landmark.

When this unique building was transformed into a school in 2015, it began an educational revolution. Over the years, Haileybury has gained valuable insights into optimising the ground floor’s potential. The upcoming refurbishment aims to infuse more energy and engagement into this dynamic educational space.

Haileybury College’s vertical campus in King Street, Melbourne. Photo: Haileybury College

The project’s focal points include:

Main Entry Transformation: We aim to create a greater sense of arrival for students, parents, and staff. The new main entryway will be functional and a visual landmark, making the school more visible and inviting to passersby.

Enhancing Waiting Areas: Waiting spaces will be redesigned to provide comfort and convenience for students and visitors. These areas will become more than just places to wait; they will become hubs of interaction and learning.

Reworking the Tuck Shop: The tuck shop will undergo a transformation while maintaining its role as a social hub within the school.

Middle School Library Upgrade: The middle school library will be reworked to adapt to evolving pedagogical practices, encouraging exploration and discovery.

Adding Four New Classrooms/Meeting Rooms: In response to increased demand, we will create four new classrooms or meeting spaces equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Green Room for Recording: A dedicated green room for recording and multimedia activities will allow students to explore creative and digital realms.

Haileybury Pangea Meeting Rooms: As Haileybury Pangea, Australia’s leading private online school, expands, our project will include meeting rooms to facilitate seamless virtual education experiences.

DS Architects is honoured to be part of this exciting chapter in Haileybury’s journey. We are committed to crafting a ground floor that aligns with modern educational philosophies and enriches the lives of students, educators, and the wider community. Stay tuned for updates on our progress as we transform this space into a hub of learning, innovation, and inspiration. Together, we are developing learning spaces that meet the future.