The University of Melbourne

DS Architects were engaged as Principal Consultant to work with the Medical School (MDC) to develop a new state of the art teaching clinic in an existing building. The MDC is designed to promote high quality care and effective teaching. Treatment at the MDC is provided by students of the Doctor of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Clinical Dentistry and Bachelor of Oral Health at the University of Melbourne.

001_1245_MOHTEC__183_The space identified by the University for the new clinic is a 3 storey office building on Swanston Street. Working with the stakeholders and our design team, we initially undertook a feasibility study to determine the suitability of the building for the proposed project. This study included review of the existing services, vertical transportation and the particularly the structure – to accommodate a dental clinic would require numerous penetrations through the slabs and the floor loadings would be greater than typical office space. The study also considered how the various uses of the clinic, some of which were private and some public, could be best accommodated across the level of the building. In developing the study, we engaged with a number of private dental practitioners to get their advice on layouts and dental clinic functions. To determine a benchmark for the new clinic, with the stakeholders we visited a number of dental clinics, including the Royal Dentist Hospital of Melbourne.

006_1245_MOHTEC__42_On completion of the feasibility study, we proceeded with the concept and detailed design phases. One level is dedicated to a 50 chair teaching clinic.  Open to the public it comprises of 10 general and 4 multipurpose suites, along with suites for specialists, endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics and prosthodontics. The ground floor, along with specialist commercial tenancies accommodates a 50 seat Pre-Clinical Simulation Facility where students working on mannequins will experience teaching and training using high fidelity simulation.

A builder was appointed through a traditional lump sum tender process, with DSA acting as Superintendent for the construction stage.





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