• 4D Multidisciplinary Immersive Learning Space, Monash University
  • The Learning Lab, The University of Melbourne
  • 3D Theatre, School of Architecture, The University of Melbourne
  • 3D Virtual Reality Lecture Theatre, Swinburne University
  • Design Factory, Swinburne University
  • eLearning Studio, The University of Melbourne
  • Collaborative Learning Rooms, Victoria University
  • Problem Based Learning facilities for Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Victoria University
  • Problem Based Learning facilities for Architectural Engineering, Victoria University

Through our work and research we are conversant with contemporary teaching methods and technologies, and have designed learning spaces as part of the University of Melbourne accelerated learning programme.  We have collaborated with the Engineering Departments of Victoria University to develop new facilities to support their Problem Based Learning curriculum. Recently we worked with Swinburne University and Aalto University, Finland, to design a prototype for the first “Design Factory” space in Australia – a space as much about providing facilities for inter professional work and industry participation as it is about creating an environment that is energetic, engaging and where everyone is encouraged to put forward an idea. We have recently finished a project with the School of Education at Monash University to create a learning space that will challenge how teachers deliver their curriculum to K-12 students, by creating a facility in which the classroom can change from a collaborative learning space to a  virtual holodeck, allowing the users to not only view but be immersed and interact within a changeable virtual environment.