With this project Monash University makes a statement of its intent to postgraduate education by providing distinctive, high quality postgraduate study spaces with unique offerings to the postgraduate student community.

 The facilities convey an active and transparent edge along a high-profile avenue leading to the campus heart. This activated edge also creates an opportunity for informal interactions with the surroundings and invites users into the building. The quality of fit-out reflects the prestige of the Monash Brand and its position as a leader in Postgraduate education and research.

The facilities provide:

  • Technology and AV systems that are embedded and seamless for use and connectivity for ‘bring your own device’ are supported. The design implemented technology to provide flexibility and accommodate future changes. 
  • Social lounge spaces provide a variety of casual settings to encourage informal interaction between students. 
  • Dedicated study spaces containing facilities to cater to various groups and highlight Monash’s stance on research. The study areas provide a hands-on, practical approach to exploring innovative learning methods that cater to diverse users. 
  • Individual and small group study areas provide for various settings that allow focused study activity. These pods offer users the flexibility of separate studies and the opportunity to collaborate. 
  • Study spaces that are accessible 24/7 are provided, with kitchenettes to all study spaces.

Photography by Michelle Williams Photography http://www.michellewilliams.com.au/