Berwick, Victoria

Promoting health through design

Located on the busy corner of Clyde Road and Langmore Lane, the building maximises the opportunities of this high-profile location with a design that puts the occupants first by promoting physical, psychological, and social well-being.

Based on research from Harvard University on Healthy Buildings, the design prioritises natural light, views, air quality, ventilation, thermal comfort, safety and security, and noise control.

The ground floor, designed to maximise exposure to Clyde Rd and Langmore Lane, is balanced on the north by a semi-public respite space saturated with northern light and greenery. This outdoor space connects the new building to the existing heritage site and creates a secure and welcoming pedestrian entry into the new building. It also allows using the heritage building as a support service to the new building to create a cohesive, standalone health precinct.

The square shape of the building provides large, flexible floor plates, and a glass-roofed atrium contributes to a healthy indoor environment by bathing internal spaces with natural light.

The dynamic building form is a response to a unique site unencumbered by competing buildings. The terraced and gently curved northern façade respects the heritage site, and exterior spaces on the east and north facades bring the healing properties of the natural environment into the building to

promote the health of its occupants. Conversely, the corner of Clyde Rd and Langmore Lane presents a striking and bold façade using a bronzed screen to create a semi-transparent façade, hinting to the public about the use of the building while creating safe and nurturing spaces for the occupants.

By considering people, place, and society, the design provides sustainable and beneficial outcomes now and in the future.