Deakin University

Student Central is the face of the University. Students are welcomed to the University by engaging with student advisers to customise degrees, manage enrolment and receive support. 

The design is an extension of the atrium project DS Architects previously undertook in 2016. The space for the facility is taken from the building adjacent to the atrium and consequently required a fire engineering solution with automatic fire curtains between the new facility and atrium.


Students approach the concierge desk before proceeding to one of eight consult points within the space. Within Student Central, there is a waiting area, three meeting rooms for confidential discussions, Skype booths, self service areas and a photo ID capture zone. 

As the face to face contact point for the University the interior is designed to be calm, bright and inviting. Consult points are set up to be private but visually transparent. The way finding is bold yet simple. Accessibility has been well considered and integrated. 



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