Between 2016 and 2020, DS Architects and Swinburne University have been working together to revive their existing student accommodation. As a team, we formed a strategy to provide a consistent approach that was applied to different housing stock and refurbishment levels.

Works took place in 7 different buildings, in 15 different construction stages, and with four different builders. The stages created aim to optimise works and increase flexibility to respond to university semesters.
We liaised with a building surveyor to design compliant services and applied a maintenance-style regulatory framework.

Accessibility was an important consideration, so we engaged with Accessibility consultants to review all residences on campus to provide recommendations and feedback. The reports highlighted a need to design a diverse range of accessible apartments and rooms. Furthermore, we incorporated additional advice on how to create accessible residential spaces, which led to fully enhancing all fittings and fixtures;

  • Organised a Management Plan for Accessible Apartments to defer the need to provide accessible apartments in selected student residential towers.
  • The shared dorm kitchen was designed as a commercial kitchen, with suitable appliances, such as hygienic recycling dishwasher, height-adjustable kitchen tops, accessible switches, and handles to suit various disabilities; .
  • Mobile storage units that can be altered to cater to the user. 
  • Ensuring all paths between campus and residences were compliant.