Cell Signalling Laboratory


Parkville, Victoria


2014 – 2015


Principal Consultant
Contract Administration
Interior Design
Workplace Strategy and Design
Design team management



The new Cell Signalling Laboratory was developed to enable the collocation and consolidation of different disparate research groups from across the University of Melbourne’s Parkville campus to one dedicated, purpose built environment. The new facility accommodates wet research laboratories and specialist laboratories that meet OGTR-PC2 standards along with associated write up, office and meeting spaces.

Creating a shared multidisciplinary environment

The brief required the refurbishment of Level 5 of the West Wing of the Medical Building to establish a multi discipline Cell Signalling Centre for use by Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Pathology. Therefore shared use of the space was a key focus of the design. We positioned all offices, meeting rooms, write-up spaces and seminar / support spaces at the entry to the facility, framing the corridor leading to the labs. And we designed two open laboratory spaces to the north and south of the core, which housed fume cupboards and storage, and located tissue culture rooms and equipment/utility rooms at either end.

Clever detailing to achieve spatial volume

Our team undertook thorough detail and specification work to design minimised bulkheads for the extensive ductwork required to service the highly specialised lab equipment. This allowed us to achieve the desired 2.7m high ceilings and a more voluminous environment.

Supporting growth through flexibility

The Cell Signalling Laboratory provides a safe, fit for purpose environment that supports the work of the three disciplines and provides flexibility for growth in future research endeavours.