Northern Oval Redevelopment


Burwood, Victoria


2019 – Ongoing


Principal Consultant
Contract Administration
Interior Design
Workplace Strategy and Design
Landscape design
Design team management



The Northern Oval Redevelopment project is the second stage of masterplanned works for the broader Burwood Sports Precinct, with the vision to break down the barriers between community and institution through the integration of sport and recreation infrastructure.

Conceived as a shared university / community facility, the project is positioned adjacent to existing buildings HC and HD, and includes re-established landscaping along Holland Avenue, upgraded carpark works, and the establishment of a new sports field precinct, including a covered outdoor court and the integration of a new Learning Hub for high performance learning.

Maximising the site

A unique site comprising two sports ovals, Gardiners Creek, community reserves and a campus connection bridge spanning the creek, the project planning considered the needs of three key stakeholders / title holders: Deakin University, Whitehorse City Council, and the State Government. Additional considerations included minimising tree removal, anticipated soil contamination issues and the client’s sustainability goals, including carbon neutrality by 2026.

Welcoming the community

Each element of the project has considered the potential for shared use by the University and the wider community, ensuring a welcoming space for the community to enjoy.

The new Learning Hub has been designed to provide a podium base for the existing buildings while activating the ground floor café and landscaped courtyard, and integrating with the existing publicly accessible pedestrian network. A landscaped courtyard provides an urban space and asset for the community which has the potential to  be activated seven days of the week and will connect to the sporting adjacent fields.

Shaping a cohesive identity

Our design approach ensures that the pavilion and canopy, despite being two forms, are integrated as one cohesive design, with the architectural lines and angles of the pavilion façade aesthetically linking with the canopy’s structural elements and cantilevered roof form.

Optimising flexibility

Carefully considered planning ensures that the Learning Hub provides the flexibility to be used as a classroom as well as a training facility. This is achieved through the use of retractable seating, flexible Audio-Visual systems, and storerooms that allow furniture to be stored when the pavilion is used for training.

Canopies with an impact

A large, perforated canopy surrounds the pavilion and creates an ‘in  between’ social zone that can be used by  the public and students as an informal covered meeting space. The canopy over the basketball court has been designed to support solar panels and capture rainwater, with the large cylindrical structural columns designed to move rainwater from the roof to the in-ground tanks.

Delivering value

By blurring the threshold between the University and the public naturescape surrounding Gardiners Creek, our design will create a shared asset, enhancing the overall civic value of the precinct.