Robotics Laboratory


Burwood, Victoria


2017 – 2019


Principal Consultant
Contract Administration
Interior Design
Design team management

A vibrant green carpet in a Robotics Laboratory, adding a touch of color to the futuristic design.


Within Deakin University’s School of Information Technology, the robotics field is recognised as one of the fastest growing industries, attracting a huge increase in enrollments. DS Architects were engaged by Deakin to design a new facility to support the popular Robotics course.

We designed the new facility to support collaboration and innovation and to accommodate 30 students in an environment that, while futuristic and exciting in its appearance, is still highly functional in its use.

A programmable environment

Every element of the space has been considered in relation to supporting learning. Programmable lighting enables users to test their programming skills and affect the ambience of the facility through the lighting. Computer screens are set out so that work being done is visible to all and can be seen by people walking past the facility.

A specially engineered robot arena allows students to test and evaluate their programming of a range of robotic systems, plus a dedicated prototyping workshop enables the production of one-off and small-run designs and the modification and repair of robots.

A modern robotics laboratory with various equipment and workstations for research and development purposes.

A computer-based visual narrative

Long curved benches wind through the space like circuitry, in contrast to typical computer benches. The serpentine form of the joinery is complimented by custom curved overhead LED lighting.

A man and woman working in an office at a Robotics Laboratory, focusing on their tasks.

A futuristic learning environment

The new robotics laboratory is a highly interactive, tech-enabled environment that facilitates innovative thinking, learning and exploration, supporting diverse project-based and research programs.

A vibrant green carpet in a Robotics Laboratory, adding a touch of color to the futuristic design.