Exercise and Sports Science Building


Burwood, Victoria


2017 – 2022


Principal Consultant
Contract Administration
Interior Design
Workplace Strategy and Design
Landscape design
Design team management


Deakin University’s Exercise and Sports Science Building is a spectacular four-floor facility inspired by dynamic forms of movement. The new building comprises indoor and outdoor activities within a sustainable and controlled environment, offering research and teaching amenities to accommodate Deakin University’s world-leading exercise and sports science programme.

The central concept of the building expresses the different ways the human body moves, woven through a contemporary design using aesthetic forms that make a statement balanced with the facility’s state-of-the-art functions.

Inclusive design thinking

Our design vision is underpinned by critical thinking about who this building caters for – all bodies, all ages and all abilities. The new floorplate resolves the significant spatial issues of pre-existing facilities and the difficulty of bringing outdoor ball activities inside. The new facility provides a highly professional environment for people of all abilities to teach from, research within and practice using the spaces.

A highly technical design response

The structure is designed with a high-performance suspended concrete floor system to minimise noise and vibrations within the building, with access to natural light for all occupants, including a vast 22m high atrium with a central stair connecting the four levels, plus a 450sq m roof mounted solar panel system with photovoltaic inverters, and rainwater harvesting.

Celebrating Complexity

Taking its cue from athletes in starting blocks and spilt bags of balls in a gym, the exterior of the building challenges current sports science university models with a fresh approach – celebrating the complexity, precision, and technology in sports analysis.

Biomechanics and more

The building also includes a:

  • 50m long running track and gym space devoted to strength and conditioning on level 3;
  • biomechanics facility on the top floor, with 12m high ceilings to provide for a range of sport actions to be studied and performed through motion capture cameras;
  • motor learning space, also on the top level, with an 18m x 3m video projection wall allowing sporting activities to be recorded and analysed, and providing for 1:1 scale projections of real life field sporting scenarios; and
  • climate chamber providing a climate and pressure controlled environment on level 2.

A point of pride

The new building has enabled Deakin University to retain its number one ranking as Australia’s best sports science facility and its ranking as a global leading school in sports science.

“This impressive new building is another jewel in the Deakin crown… We are excited by the opportunities it will create to enhance our engagement with the community, who will benefit from the future work of Deakin graduates trained by outstanding researchers and lecturers in the very best facilities”

Professor Iain Martin
Vice-Chancellor, Deakin University