Post Graduate Facilities


Clayton, Victoria




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An office with a blue floor and yellow walls, showcasing a learning commons design.


After completing two new student accommodation buildings at their Clayton campus, Monash University sought to enliven the ground floors of these buildings by providing dedicated, high-quality study spaces, particularly to support the post-graduate cohort.

DS Architects was engaged to design and deliver the post-graduate facility and activate the ground floor buildings with seminar spaces, informal study areas and a 24/7 study offering.

Technology-rich, diverse settings

The design comprises the following key features:

  • Technology and AV systems that are embedded and seamless for use and connectivity for ‘bring your own device’;
  • Social lounge spaces that provide a variety of casual settings to encourage informal interaction between students;
  • Dedicated study spaces that cater to various groups and provide a hands-on, practical approach to exploring innovative learning methods that cater to diverse users;
  • Individual and small group study pods that allow focused study activity and enable separate studies alongside collaboration; and
  • 24/7 accessibility to all study spaces, supported by the provision of kitchenettes to each.
A modern learning commons with comfortable seating, study areas, and technology resources.
Maximising activation

The facilities convey an active and transparent edge along a high-profile avenue leading to the campus heart. This activated edge also creates an opportunity for informal interactions with the surroundings and invites users into the building.

2 people sitting at a table in an office, discussing and collaborating.
2 people sitting in a stylish purple office with matching chairs and a spacious window offering natural light.

Creating captivating spaces

This project offers diverse, captivating spaces that blur the lines between education and home, improving onsite presence and engagement between students and their campus.