Multidisciplinary Learning Space


Berwick, Victoria


2012 – 2013


Principal Consultant
Contract Administration
Interior Design
Workplace Strategy and Design
Design team management

Multidisciplinary Learning Space


Envisaged as a space for testing ideas and providing the ultimate flexibility to support exploration and innovation, this new learning space was designed for the Monash University Faculty of Education’s K-12 teaching research program. Digitally enabled to create a 4 dimensional immersive experience, the design supports collaboration between education disciplines, challenging the traditional manner in which curriculum is taught, and enabling cross functionality to empower users to test how space can be utilised differently for different learning outcomes.

Pushing the boundaries of teaching

The project brief was defined by a strong vision to create an innovation space that would push the boundaries of what teaching could be.

Our design is based on the idea of a Holodeck. It integrates extensive audio visual technology and movable building elements to change both the visuals and the physical space to create environments that flex to support the subjects being taught. In closed formation, the walls are all white, with 12 data projectors projecting seamless 360 degree images onto the surrounding walls, ceilings and floor, combined with Kinetic sensors allowing participants to physically interact with the images.


Pivoting walls providing ultimate flexibility

The projection surfaces can be pivoted to open up the facility to its surroundings and a new outside deck, exposing sinks, revealing walls lined with pinnable surfaces, and introducing pops of bold colours to bring vibrancy and interest into the space.

Empowering exploration and innovative research outcomes

This immersive research and learning environment empowers exploration, encourages collaboration between disciplines and allows for the evolution of teaching to explore greater cross disciplinary approaches.