Optometry and Vision Science


Parkville, Victoria


2011 – 2012


Principal Consultant
Contract Administration
Interior Design
Workplace Strategy and Design
Design team management


This project saw the development of a new Optometry and Vision Science Centre, which allowed for the relocation and collocation of a number of department facilities to a central location on the main Parkville campus.

To achieve this, our design required the stripping and refurbishment of two levels of an existing 1960′s building, to create a research-focused facility.

Teaching, learning and research

The planning and design of the centre was conceived to accommodate teaching, research, student and staff functions. The brief included the development of key facilities and amenities to support these functions, including staff and student lounges, staff offices, a collaborative teaching room and open plan workstations for PHD and RHD students.

A modern office in a research facility with a table and chairs for a productive work environment.

Highly specialised facilities

Specialist facilities include eleven research laboratories, two practical laboratories with blackout facilities and a pre-clinic space with twenty optometry chairs


Welcoming, functional and cost-efficient

Our collaborative approach and understanding of the needs of the diverse user groups has delivered a cost-efficient, yet welcoming and highly-functional facility.