Qanstruct Industrial Warehouse Projects


Ravenhall & Truganina, Victoria


2022 – 2023


Principal Consultant
Design team management

Qanstruct Industrial Warehouse Project: A modern industrial warehouse design with spacious interiors and state-of-the-art facilities.


DS Architects’ specialist industrial sector design expertise has seen our team engaged, over the last decade, across multiple Qanstruct projects. Recently, we undertook the design development and documentation of two warehouse sites in Ravenhall and Truganina. Both large-scale sites are located within industrial precincts, and our team documented dual-unit storage warehouses on each site.

The warehouses needed to be standardised yet flexible enough to appeal to the Ravenhall site market and a prospective purchaser at Truganina. Each warehouse facilitates industrial equipment use by providing battery bays, dock levellers, truck access, security functions, offices and staff amenities.

An artist's impression of a new warehouse development, showcasing its architectural design and layout.

Beyond working collaboratively

From the outset, we reframed our processes to adapt to Qanstruct’s, in order to work as a genuine extension of their team. This ensured all project delivery phases were considered during the decision-making processes at the documentation stage.

An artist's rendering of the new warehouse in an aerial view, showcasing its design and functionality.